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The new spacious sharpening training centre opened on June 8th 2020. Each student has their own large work space with their own tools and machines, with an absolute minimum of two metres of free space from any other person in any direction, and no more than four people on any course.

Are you thinking of starting your own sharpening business? Then we offer a full five day hands on course that will teach you all you need to know to get started as a self-employed sharpener.

We will teach you how to sharpen knives, dog and horse clipper blades, dog grooming, barbering and hairdressing scissors, gardening tools and much more. 

Feel free to contact us for an informal discussion if you have any concerns or unanswered questions.

Scissor and blade workshop with multiple blade sharpening machines.. Sharp Knives Sales and Training Ltd. Scissor and Blade sharpening training courses. Bath, Radstock
Blade sharpening course in action. Three men, two men with backs to viewer. Sharp Knives Sales and Training Ltd. Scissor and Blade sharpening training courses. Bath, Radstock

UK Approved and Authorised Trainers

We have been training people for over ten years, the course was updated in February 2019 after a trip to the US to visit the sharpening machine manufacturers, this update reflects the changes and improvements within the industry. We will continue to update our courses as required, so rest assured you will always be taught the latest techniques and methods, using the latest machinery and technology.

We are the only UK approved and authorised trainers and warranty centre for both Wolff Industries and The Edge Pro (Nebraska Blades). We travelled to South Carolina and Iowa in the US to receive intensive training directly from both manufacturers to ensure we meet their high standards. We are proud to say we are now their approved UK trainers and representatives.

Book on a Course

The training courses are held at our purpose-built workshop near Bath, we can suggest good local B&B accommodation nearby in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

On the course you will be told how you will receive your ongoing support. There is no need to panic, you will never feel on your own as you will become part of an active professional sharpening community, giving you all the help and support you need, for as long as you need it, plus you’ve always got us.

We will tell you about the machines that you do need and will also tell you what you don’t need. We will give you good honest advice based on your business plan or the market sector you are going to aim for.

The training course teaches you how to sharpen correctly, you will be taught the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ so that you fully understand why you are doing, what you are doing, no cutting corners! We believe that perfection, consistency and value for money is vital to ensure repeat custom. Sharpening correctly, with a detailed understanding, gives job satisfaction and self-confidence knowing that you are doing everything correctly and to industry standards.

You will be taught how to sharpen many items but we focus on knives, scissors and dog clipper blades. We use the popular dog grooming A5 blade for training, bring your own blades if you have any. 

Why not tell us what you would like to sharpen, or bring examples along, and we will show you how. There is very little we don’t know how to sharpen, so just bring anything and everything you have! 

You will be taught how to service, sharpen and serrate hairdressing and dog grooming scissors correctly, identifying and understanding the different methods required for true convex, semi convex and bevel edge scissors. Again, bring some scissors along that require sharpening or even a repair as we love a challenge!

No previous experience is required, we will teach you everything you need to know for starting your sharpening business. 

Nearing the end of the course you sit down with the instructor, and together construct a personalised list of the required machines and equipment based on your plan for the future. We hold everything in stock so you can take it all away with you. Tell us what you intend to sharpen, and we will suggest what machines you will need or don’t need. We will help and guide you, so that you don’t make expensive mistakes.

If you would like us to deliver, install and test your sharpening machines onsite at your location, that can also be arranged.

Training is carried out using the same machines that we sell, and these machines are what use every day in our own sharpening business, so we know they are the right choice and fit for purpose. 

If after the course you would like to come back for a one to one session then that can be easily arranged, remember we will always be here for you.

Blade sharpening course demonstration. Five men in view, four men looking and 5th man who is demonstrating. Sharp Knives Sales and Training Ltd. Scissor and Blade sharpening training courses. Bath, Radstock

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