16 inch Genuine Nebraska Blades Big Red Plate – hollow ground both sides

This plate is an original product direct from Nebraska Blades (The Edge Pro) and is not a copy. Why chance it with a copy?

We offer Cast Plates in 16 inch. All plates are double-sided and are hollow ground. Our 16″ plate will fit the Huff machine, patterned after the CS-101-2000 (Big Red).

This plate will do at least 1500 blades each side under normal conditions.

You can upgrade from the 14 inch plate to get a faster grind and be able to do at least 500 more blades per side.

A common question about the surface on the cast aluminum wheels:

The casting is purposely left with porosity ( air pockets). When we machine the wheel these pockets open up and are randomly visible. There can be openings of various sizes visible and if you keep magnifying the surface there are ones to small to see. This creates a surface that is toothy, acting as grip for the adhesive and grit. The overal surface is extremely precise and the blades bridge over the texture that is under the grit. Some sharpeners that first see the plate think there is something wrong. The technology we are copying is over 100 years old and being used in Andis, Oster and Wahl’s factories. Their wheels hold their structure for a long surface life.



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